Above Ground Pool Installation
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There are a few steps to installing the perfect above ground pool, but don't worry - it shouldn't take very long before you can take a plunge into your new swimming pool once these steps are completed:
Site Leveling
Your pool layout will be marked in your backyard. Make sure that any tress and areas that you want to protect are clearly marked and out of the way. Heavy equipment may be brought in to level the pool site. Make sure that your dealer has properly checked for underground utilities before construction begins.
Your installer will assemble and secure the structure of the pool to keep it in place. At this point, it is beginning to look like a pool. At this time the builder will typically frame the surrounding deck and walkway areas.
It is now time to install the interior vinyl liner. Once this is complete, pool will be filled with water. At this time, the builder will also complete the deck, coping and walkway areas.
Accent pieces, hardware and water filtration systems are now ready for installation. Now is the perfect time to install the appropriate safety signage.
The final touch…and voila! The paradise of your dreams is a backyard reality – step right in!