Above Ground Pools

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Above ground pools tend to be cheaper, and there is less labor involved in setting the pool up in your home, so you installation is quicker too.

Above ground swimming pools are often round and oval in design and their frames and liners are offered in many unique colorful patterns. Above ground pools have a visible structural frame with a liner normally made out of vinyl (PVC) that forms the surface of the framing system.
...expense and labor-intensive work of excavation often make above

ground pools easier to install...

Above ground pools have a frame that can be made of galvanized steel or other strong structural materials. The wall or frames can be different heights and are offered in different colors including blue, white and gray. It is a wise option to choose a frame that resists corrosion to ensure it lasts longer and maintains its new look.
Eliminating the expense and labor-intensive work of excavation often make above ground pools easier to install. For those considering self-installation, many pools come with relevant installation literature and instructions to assist you in the process. It is important to investigate whether you require a building permit, insurance costs and other issues that you may need if interested in acquiring an above ground pool.


Design Available in round or oval shapes in a variety of sizes, above ground pools offer covers available on most models.
Interior Finish Choose from several patterns and a variety of color selections. Care must be taken with toys and pets to maintain a puncture-free surface of your liner.
Decking Your above-ground pool decking choices are unlimited - stained concrete, stamped concrete, natural stone, cool deck (coating, colored/textured), natural wood, deck pavers or tile. Coping is not available on above-ground pools.
Upgrade Possibilities & Accessories Above-ground pools cannot be upgraded. You can, however, upgrade your backyard environment to include rock or step waterfalls, new decking, firepits, laminar jets, rain showers, sheer curtains, fountains, misters and exterior lighting effects. Accessorize your poolscape with volleyball and basketball setups, backyard grills, safety fencing, loungers and outdoor furniture.
Installation It’s not paradise until it’s finished. You should expect your backyard to be “visually unpleasant” during the installation process. Expect a vinyl pool installation to take 1 to 2 weeks. Completion times may vary with state and local inspection criteria. Typically, the builder will spell out the precise terms, timeframes and responsibilities of each party in your contract. Your pool builder may do the entire job or may enlist the help of a subcontractor to complete the work.

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Safety is a very important part of pool ownership. By learning about pool safety, you will help ensure an enjoyable pool experience